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Bear Grunterz

Large stuffed plush toy “grunts” when pressed! Squeaker: 1 grunter Toy size: 12 x 6.5 x 9 in

Burrow Raccoons in Trash Can with Bubble Babiez

Masked marauders have raided the Burrow Trash Can, and it’s up to doggo to get them out! Once your playful

Champagne Happy Hour Crusherz

Dogs love the crunchy noise of a water bottle! Save your empty water bottles and put them in our Crusherz

Chicken Bucket Burrow

Share your love of fried chicken with the furry foodie in your life with the Zippy Burrow Chicken Bucket! Simply

Chicken Faball Small

 Cluck, cluck. Squeak, squeak. It’s hard to find a dog who wouldn’t love to spend their day chasing chickens around.

Crab Faball – Large

Fetching ball toy disguised as a crab!

Drumsticks Miniz

Zippy Miniz are perfect for replacing critters in Zippy Burrows or even as fun little toys for small dogs. Comes

Fabdog 10″ Pizza

Fabdog 10″ Pizza Plush Toy Who doesn’t love pizza? Give your dog what they really want – a 10″ squeaky

Fabdog BigFab Cheeseburger

Fabdog Cheeseburger Super-Squeaker Toy A nice big juicy cheeseburger will have your pup drooling for days. Although it’s not the

Fabdog Box of 6 FabDoughnuts

Fabdog Box of 6 Doughnuts Plush Toy What’s a better gift for a dog than a box of yummy squeaky

Fabdog FabFries

Fabdog FabFries Crispy, salty & perfectly squeaky! We all share a few fries with our dogs at one time or